We offer scalable public, dedicated, on demand warehousing with robust warehouse management systems and RF capabilities to meet all of your storage and 3PL needs.

We pride ourselves on service, productivity, safety, and accuracy.  With the credibility of more than 100 years in the community, Days Distribution & Logistics continues to innovate in response to every opportunity in the constantly changing world of logistics. We are a personal, sophisticated, and multi-dimensional 3PL strategically located in Northern Indiana one hour East of Chicago IL.

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“We can do that” is what propels our business forward to become your solution.

Why Outsource to a 3rd Party Logistics provider?

You need inventory in the right location to service your customers, but you don’t need to own the facilities and equipment, manage the labor, or transport the product yourself. Outsourcing to Days Distribution and Logistics allows you to:

  • Focus your efforts and your capital on your core competency
  • Generate a better return on capital by lowering investments in expensive assets
  • Lower your costs by taking advantages of our economies of scale
  • Expense your company only for the capacity you use, not for inventory fluctuations or seasonal peaks, while adding immediate scalability to your logistics operations
  • Improve customer service and gain our expertise in mid-west markets around Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio
  • Leverage our expertise and investments in information technology