In recent years, businesses of all types have embraced the opportunity to improve their performance by implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Using specially customized and connected devices and sensors, IoT helps companies to connect devices, standards, and protocols. This allows them to merge data in real-time, enhancing responsiveness and boosting customer engagement. 3PL services are embracing IoT.

In the complex field of logistics management, many third-party logistics (3PL) enterprises can use IoT to upgrade capabilities. This can result in increased inventory management, improved routing, timely product transfers and real-time information availability for the provider and the clients. They can also increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency. IoT also results in lower operational costs and more satisfied customers.

Making Transport More Efficient

One advantage of employing IoT in supply chain management stems from being able to track inventory while on the move. This allows for quick changes and redirection as required. IoT systems can also provide analytics to foster overall improvement in inventory placement and accuracy.

By employing IoT, a 3PL company can monitor temperatures to ensure proper handling, particularly for refrigerated freight. Furthermore, they can route transport vehicles to provide the least damage potential for fragile goods. 

Time and location tracking are essential elements. If a load should arrive at its destination showing signs of heat damage, 3PL providers can pinpoint the time and place the excessive heat may have occurred. Besides identifying who might be liable for the damage, this information also provides essential information about future routes.

How IoT Improves the Client Experience through Transparency and Anticipation

While having goods always arrive at the client’s designated location “clean, cold, and on time” is a standard expectation. Therefore anticipating changing needs is also essential. Top-performing 3PLs work with customer forecasts and analyze historical data to ensure sufficient capacity for storage and freight management. “Surprises” stemming from too much or too little inventory in one place can be eliminated with IoT technology.

By working closely together and enhancing the transparency of the relationship, a 3PL can automatically anticipate seasonal inventory builds and slowdowns. This allows them to better organize space while developing freight strategies that deliver the inventory where it needs to be. 

Real-time information and a precise understanding of all inventory locations will allow businesses to respond effectively to any “emergency” or sudden customer request instantly.

Being able to anticipate client’s needs is essential to the success and profitability of any 3PL. Predictive models from the IoT systems can anticipate certain potential bottlenecks and relieve the stresses caused by uncertainty. 

By understanding the location of all the inventory, a 3PL can use real-time data to resolve quality issues quickly. They can also find the most effective avenue for replacing unacceptable goods.

With IoT Implementation, EQ Logistics Delivers More

EQ Logistics, a third-party logistics provider in Elkhart, IN, understands its partner client needs and strategically manages inventory and shipments to reach their destination most efficiently. As a 3PL services provider, we embrace IoT systems, the EQ professionals monitor inventory conditions and locations in real-time, ensuring that all products are situated for the most effective results.

The EQ Logistics team succeeds when its customers succeed; building its business through efficient inventory management, professional handling, and achieving the highest customer satisfaction levels.

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